In each one of our projects, our aim is to provide our clients with excellent and practical solutions, developing properties with specially tailored value for both clients and users. Our selection of projects recently managed by BEHRENS & KAUFFMANN demonstrates our success in achieving this aim.

Residential construction

In the field of residential construction, BEHRENS & KAUFFMANN focuses on the construction of multi-family homes. Our team of highly qualified engineers and experts can provide numerous examples of successfully completed residential construction projects. We have years of experience in project development as well as construction planning and implementation. Below you will find a selection of some of our current projects.

Social projects

BEHRENS & KAUFFMANN has special expertise in supporting the work of socially engaged clients. We’ll work with you to develop customised residential solutions for specific social purposes. For example, we have worked with the Behrens-Stiftung to realise projects tailored to the needs of people facing difficult circumstances. 

Holiday homes

BEHRENS & KAUFFMANN doesn't just plan and build standard homes. We also offer customised solutions tailored to your requirements. These include 52 holiday homes and a health spa in the resort of Pelzerhaken by the Baltic Sea, which we planned, managed and built.

Beach houses at the lighthouse